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Part of the GO value proposition is based on our ability to go well beyond the reach of other advisors who often focus on the traditional elements of a partnership with a “transaction” mindset – i.e., the asset sale, financial structure / arrangement and contractual terms. Gate One evaluates and optimizes all value drivers – capabilities, underwriting depth, product offerings – while taking execution risk into consideration.

Product Design and Strategy

We support our clients in optimizing programs throughout their lifecycle – launch, program diagnostics, new solutions to address specific issues / trends, new product / channel development and optimization, loyalty program integration, operating model refinement, etc.

Relationship Focus

We have executive-level relationships across the payments industry. We draw on these relationships and our tight network to help clients gather valuable context or interface with their peers on common challenges.

Growth Perspective

Because our work extends beyond the execution of a program agreement, we have a deep appreciation for the factors that create successful, resilient partnerships (e.g., a compelling product and value proposition, marketing effectiveness, an optimal structure / operating model, and commitment). We utilize this lens to help shape our thinking around how to optimize and grow programs.


We take great care to design partnerships that are resilient. We have deep experience in designing well-crafted financial and contractual arrangements to align the parties’ interests through business cycles. Because no agreement / relationship can be entirely future proof, we help clients restructure arrangements when warranted.