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Our team has played an advisory role on the largest and most transformative M&A transactions in the partnerships space. We have unique visibility into the value drivers and contractual considerations of partnership portfolios in an M&A context.

Impact Stories

  • Played advisory role on the largest and most strategic portfolio purchase/sale transactions that have shaped the card partnership market over the past 20+ years – captive programs, bank to bank program transitions, and fintech platform acquisitions in all sectors.
  • Supported clients in entering new markets and segments via M&A activity of asset pools, business platforms or specific partnership programs.
  • Advised buyers/sellers of entities in which value can be preserved or unlocked via the underlying credit card program.
  • Advised buyers/sellers on valuation and efforts to realize program synergies via product launches, rationalization, repricing, and renegotiation.
  • Supported due diligence efforts on portfolio/program valuations, diagnostics, and business case validation.